When the Wellness Nurse meets with each prospective resident and his/her family to complete the assessment, she begins to develop the resident’s individualized service plan. This is used to ensure that services and support are in place from the first day of residency. During the assessment interview, the nurse reviews the evaluation submitted by the physician, and discusses opportunities for Youville to provide needed support. Once a successful assessment is completed, the process moves forward to signing the lease and scheduling a move-in date.

Youville Assisted Living residences in Cambridge and Lexington offer support with personal care, housekeeping and meals

Assessment Criteria

Applications are reviewed by the Executive Director to determine the applicant’s ability to meet the financial obligations of the monthly fee.

The Wellness Nurse conducts a wellness assessment to determine if the applicant meets the following criteria:

  • Is alert and oriented to person, place and time
  • Is able to transfer with moderate assistance
  • Is able to manage personal care with or without assistance
  • Is able to manage incontinence with staff assistance and/or use of incontinence-control products
  • Is able to manage behavior appropriately in a community setting

Physician’s Evaluation

Double Occupancy: When two people will be living in an apartment together,
each submits an application and physician’s evaluation, and is assessed.
Only one community fee is required per apartment. A second-person fee is added
to the monthly fee which covers the complete service package.