Moving In

Youville Assisted Living is a great option for seniors who are able to manage with some measure of independence and would benefit from the built-in assistance and resources that living in a supportive community offers.

Youville Assisted Living residences in Cambridge and Lexington offer support with personal care, housekeeping and mealsWhen individuals are ready to move to Youville, the Director of Community Life works closely with them and their family members to ensure a comfortable, smooth transition. New residents are encouraged to bring guests for a meal on their first day, and family members or close friends are invited to spend the night as an added support. The special attention given by staff to each new resident plays an important role in a successful transition into the community.

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Subsidized Program Information

Youville Assisted Living residences offer a limited number of subsidized apartments to residents meeting the financial criteria.

Interested individuals may complete and submit an application.  This option is also open to current residents who have exhausted their private resources.

Applicants for the subsidized apartments must meet the following guidelines:
GAFC Guidelines

PACE Program (currently available in Cambridge only)

HUD Moderate Program (currently available in Lexington only)

For more information about subsidized and/or moderate rate apartments, please contact the Marketing Department.