Our Stories

The experiences residents and their families have at Youville are often life changing. Families rely on the Youville staff to offer guidance and support, and the community often becomes an extended family. Youville staff value the stories residents and their families share.

“My father was failing at home — he’d spend the better part of the day sitting in front of the TV. The family made sure he had food and medications, and were bringing extra help in, but it wasn’t enough. Finally, my brothers and I decided that we couldn’t watch him continue to fail. We looked at five different residences, and when we got to Youville, my father actually smiled for the first time in what seemed like forever. Maybe it was the way they made us feel so welcome.

He called the nursing assistants his angels, and they were always there to assist him in ways that had become much too difficult for our family. I am so thankful we were able to share that time with him knowing he was in a safe and caring community.”

MF, daughter of Youville resident

Youville Assisted Living residences in Cambridge and Lexington offer support with personal care, housekeeping and meals
“When mom moved into Youville, we had gotten to a crisis point. I was managing her laundry, housekeeping, meals, doctor’s appointments, and medications — working a full-time job and trying to be a mom to my own three kids in middle school. Even though I was there almost every day, my mother would always ask me when I was coming to visit.

Once we got her settled in her own apartment at Youville, it was unbelievable how the burden seemed to fall away. For the first time in I don’t know how long, we were spending time with my mother socially. What a difference this made for us all! I didn’t even realize how little quality time I was spending with her until then.”

GG, daughter of Youville resident

“After his hospitalization, my uncle was in rehab for almost a month. It wasn’t a huge surprise to us when the doctor told us he couldn’t go home alone. The respite option at Youville was an amazing resource for our family. My uncle could take some time to think about what he wanted to do as an alternative to going home, and we could relax knowing he was safe and well cared for.”

MK, niece of Youville resident

“Mom needed more and more support. My father was her primary caregiver, and the strain was really starting to wear him down. He explored many options and finally decided that Youville offered the best solution for the two of them. Mom could have the support she needed, and dad could participate in activities and programs that would enrich his quality of life. The staff and the resident community were so welcoming and gracious. We lost mom last year. What a relief to know that dad was in such a supportive environment while going through that loss.”

PW, son of Youville resident

Youville Assisted Living residences in Cambridge and Lexington offer support with personal care, housekeeping and meals
“My mother was already in an assisted living residence, when a friend of mine moved her mother to Youville. She raved about the programs and the community, and how wonderful the staff was. I was jealous —my mother was not getting that kind of social stimulation, and we didn’t feel embraced by the community. I visited Youville and the difference was night and day! We moved my mother. I am so grateful to the staff for the experience she had while she was there.

Ironically, we never would have chosen Youville when we first looked, because we are Jewish and the idea of my mother living in a ‘Catholic’ community was not one we could consider. What we discovered was that the values-based philosophy of care and compassion was what made the Youville community so special. I would recommend it to everyone.”

BZ, daughter of Youville resident