Privacy Policy

Youville Assisted Living Residences values your privacy.

We collect information in order to provide materials to you at your request. We use this information to contact you or send requested information related to our services, programs and events.

We do not transfer information to any third party organization, or use this information for any purpose other than providing information related to Youville communities.

If, after receiving information from us, you would like to update your contact information, please let us know through email or phone. Email us with your updates at with “Update mailing list” on the subject line.

If you would like to discontinue being a part of our outreach, please let us know by emailing with “Remove from mailing list” on the subject line. Be sure to include the information you would like removed in the body of the message.

You may also call 617-491-1234 and ask that you be removed from our mailing list.