Residents at Youville recognize the importance of living in a safe environment, with good nutrition, access to personal care assistance, and built-in socialization. In short, residents want to ‘Get Fit. Stay Sharp. Age Well.©’ The programs and activities offered at Youville are specifically designed to help residents achieve these and other important goals.

Youville Assisted Living residences offer support with personal care, housekeeping and meals

Resident programs are coordinated to build community and promote socialization, intellectual development, spiritual growth and fitness. The Programs Department creates a calendar of scheduled events that reflect the interests of residents. Lectures on art history and current events are very well received, as are classical piano and modern music presentations. Visits by young school children bring a welcomed chaos to an otherwise quiet afternoon, while a trip to a mall or local restaurant proves to be a great get away. Fitness can be a fun group class or a private session with a personal trainer. Yoga and meditation help reduce anxiety, and 4:00 p.m. Happy Hour is a time to relax with new friends. Residents remain active in community work, preparing and serving meals to the homeless at a nearby lunch program. They also enjoy the shops, restaurants, museums and theaters in the greater Boston area. Always responding to the wishes and interests of residents, Youville staff plan programs that offer opportunities to continue to learn and grow, stay fit and most importantly, enjoy life.

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